An Acquisition Company for the 21st Century

First Colombia Gold Corp., a publicly traded company (OTCPink: FCGD).

First Colombia Gold Corp. is focused on acquiring, developing and advancing natural resource, energy, and real estate projects throughout the United States and is currently focused on numerous projects located along the east coast. Our business model is to acquire undervalued and/or distressed assets and combine them with our proven management team and leadership to develop and create strong revenue and cash flows. We currently have several wholly owned subsidiaries with each serving as an outlet to develop potential revenue streams.

Triangle Restaurant LogoMarylandCorpTriangle Restaurant Logo

Triangle Restaurant Group
Having acquired this entity in April of 2015, our goal is to develop this entity into a major quick serve restaurant operator. We are on track to open our first four quick serve restaurants within our own convenience stores. The Triangle Restaurant Group will be responsible for the management and oversight of each of these four locations and all of our future quick serve restaurant locations. We hope to have all four of these locations up and operating by the end of the year.

The Maryland Corporation
When The Triangle Restaurant Group acquisition was completed, First Colombia Gold also obtained a ten-location franchise agreement with Maryland Fried Chicken, with an option to expand to an additional ten loacations. This franchise agreement was placed into the entity "The Maryland Corporation" for the purposes of developing and expanding that franchise within our company.

The Norfleet Group
This is the newest of our subsidiary companies and will serve as our exclusive convenience store brand. All of our convenience stores will be rebranded to "Norfleet Market" and operate under this trade name. We are very excited about this entity and will look to quickly expand our convenience store holdings with the goal of having more than 20 locations within the next 6 months. Eleven locations are already under contract and we should be closing on those within the fourth quarter of 2015.


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